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Jamaican Delight-Anna & Wayne

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Native Jamaicans Anna and Wayne loved their Jamaican food, but struggled to find good quality made food living in Australia. What they did seem to find was a misrepresentation and non authentic version of Jamaican food. Deciding to do something about it Anna and Wayne opened Jamaican Delight in Darwin NT in 2013. Relaunching it in 2018 after relocating to Sydney, Jamaican Delight became a catering business specializing in traditional, authentic Jamaican food. Not only were they using their culture and background to stand out in a huge food market, but they have brought the whole Caribbean vibe along with it. Catering events, pop markets and home delivery. Events such as the Jamaican Independence Day celebration, rescheduled until 7th November ( due to covid restrictions) helps Jamaican Delight bring Sydney a true Caribbean experience. As always another success story just for being different. Welcome to the Minority Priority Community and Brand, as well as helping change what the word MINORITY represents. Show them support by checking out all there social media platforms as well as grabbing some true Jamaican dishes. We sure will!

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