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Big Bear Skin Care-Jordan Johnson

Business success stories often flourish with a brilliant conceptual idea that sells, led by a courageous individual who decided to take the initiative. Big Bear skincare; the one of a kind small-scaled business, is a definitive example. Being a local, black-owned and family-operated organization, it specializes in natural skin care product sales, while encouraging diversity, sustainability and positive approaches towards everything in general.

The owner and creator of Big Bear skin care, an enthusiastic and positivity-filled individual, Jordan Johnson, is a recent graduate from Western Michigan University (B.A. Interpersonal Communication 2016 & M.A Communication 2020). “My life goal is to become a serial entrepreneur and use my wealth and resources as tools to build communities”, Johnson said when asked about his business idea that supposedly sparked into action in June 2020, with obvious leads developed in the early years. With major brands often utilizing low quality, harmful and synthetic ingredients, Johnson wanted to create a toxic-free and beneficial skin care alternative, surprisingly for his mere personal use. “Because I had trouble searching for natural skin care products with actual natural ingredients, I began researching and making my own products”, he said.

Johnson’s first product was a deodorant in 2016 which developed up to moisturizers and soaps in early 2020. “With the pandemic ruling a tough life over everyone, my primary income as a real estate investor had dramatically slowed down as well”, he said as he described the tiring challenges that weighed down on his original profession, during the Covid-19 outbreak. It wasn’t until June 2020 that Johnson made up his mind to take the products, he put together by himself, to the next level though online platforms. “I decided to offer my self-care inventory to the public through e-commerce”, he said.

What started as a secondary income, quickly captured the attention of individuals among the public that desired application of natural skin care products and soon, Big Bear skincare became the talk of the town.

The Big Bear family has come quite a long way since then and now involves in various pop-up shops and participate weekly in the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. Their authentic, natural products are available in the People’s Food co-op in Kalamazoo, Michigan with positive reviews overflowing from every corner. “We are looking to expand our brand and spread our mission, which is to provide a natural alternative for skin care across the nation”, Johnson said. He expressed his enthusiasm to influence Big Bear’s philosophy, which is centered around purpose and intentionality with each product and service obliged towards serving a specific function and in turn, solving a problem.

“One of our major goals as a business and in my personal life, is to always be a resource”, Johnson mentioned in conclusion. The Big Bear team intends to influence something more than just a product that cleans the skin, but also purifies the mindset that approaches the true concept of what cleanliness actually is.

The range of Big Bear skin care products and services along with descriptive information can be accessed and purchased conveniently, through their website, ( ) or through social media platforms on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter (@bigbearsoapery)

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