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Black Sheep Soul Food-Jeff Carey

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Black Sheep Soul Food was established in 2021, by the Jeff Carey who has more than

twenty (20) years of experience, having been in the hospitability business since 1990. Jeff born in Jackson, Mississippi but raised in Richmond, California was a nuclear submarine chef for five years and traveled to more than seven countries. One secret on how he makes superior flavor profiles is because he makes the meals when hungry. After all, he believes intense hunger strengthens his palette and gives him the mental edge to produce superior flavor profiles. It is also a fun fact that he loves crab, and however generous he might be, it is rare for him to share crab with someone else.

Why soul food?

There are many reasons why Jeff decided to start Black Sheep Soul Food. One of the

primary reasons was to provide people with comfort meals that satisfy their souls. He was

predominated with the idea of diversification and introducing new tastes to Sydney. He intended to introduce African American soul food to people that have never had a chance to experience such. Jeff believes that the authenticity of his food presentation and product flavor profiles distinguishes his business from the rest and makes him standout; it is what makes Black Sheep

soul food unique. He also believes that authentic Soul Food can be replicated, but it is rare to duplicate, which makes Black Sheep the 'real deal.

When asked about the driving force to his excellence and uniqueness in the industry, Jeff replied that it was because of the need for good food. He said that many working people need good food because they lack time and energy to prepare their own. Jeff also added that working. For the last 20 years for some of the top restaurants and resort destinations on the Gulf coast of Florida, pushed him in Seeking a new adventure in life. With that confidence the Black Sheep was created with a plan to provide top quality authentic African American soul food to your table. The Black Sheep offers made to order African American Southern coastal cuisine, hearty side dishes, and homemade specialty desserts. “When you love what you do as I do the final product is true." A phrase the He lives by and a excellent reason why Jeff will be a success. We

welcome Jeff and is Black Sheep Soul food to the Minority Priority community and look forward to watching him make a difference.

Support Black Sheep Soul on all his social media platforms and grab some food!

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