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Ants Custom kicks/The Movie Brotha-Anthony

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Anthony is a success story driven from pure passion, not only with one but two thriving business; The Movie Brotha and Ant Custom Kicks. They both started from his two obsessions as a kid, movies and sneakers. Growing up Anthony went to the movies every weekend with his family, watching, enjoying and in his own head critiquing. As he grew he noticed there weren't a lot of movie critics of his own background giving their opinions on movies he was watching. Instead of continuing to take advice from critics he didn't really want to hear from, he became one himself, all while filling a gap in the industry of black movie critics. Turning his first passion into a profession, Anthony created The Movie Brotha. Operating for 8 years now, Anthony participates in all types of movie festivals and early premier releases for various movie genres. He is truly showing the importance of a minority in a field that does not have too many like us. Anthony's story does not end there, it gets even more unique. Why not turn a second passion into a business after successfully accomplishing the first? This is what he did by creating Ants Custom Kicks. With his passion for sneakers and his attention to detail, Anthony takes orders to customise brand new sneakers to make them look exactly how his customers envision. Only created a 1.5 years ago, his orders have sky rocketed and gets orders from all over, from Texas to Sydney. We will be ordering a pair for the brand shortly so we highly suggest getting in while you can. As we say for every new story, support a fellow Minority doing amazing things on all his social media platforms with a like, follow and purchase. We welcome Anthony to the Minority Priority Community and thank him for showing the Value in being Different!

Anthony's Fun fact and guilty Pleasure:

He is and avid toy collector and loves the ID channel to watch true crime shows!

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