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Daper Experience-Daper X

Daper X; An Exquisite Cultural Treat

There’s nothing like a destination revolving around rich culture; a sense of belonging, immense diversity, heart-touching music and mouth-watering delicacies. What more could one possibly need? Daper X is perhaps the definition of the kind of balance everyone needs in life amidst hectic schedules and the typical consistent work-life routines. It strives to bring its communities an unwinding atmosphere to live a soul-soothing experience, or more accurately; an event facilitator for those who have a soft spot for all the brilliant things in life. With a mission to bridge Africans with everyone in the diaspora, Daper X facilitates life’s celebrations with an extensive selection of food, drinks, music and art with the hospitality of their very own brilliant team of individuals.

In the year 2021, the party and entertainment concepts were introduced with Nigerian roots that later blossomed into the one of the most sought after events in Australia. “We love to celebrate – we enjoy celebrating the little things like the weekend, as much as we celebrate the big things like culture”, the team of Daper X mentioned as they shared their vision to create an open space where people could relax and ease off their worries. Born in Nigeria, the Daper X representative proudly revealed how the team’s dual society involvements had enabled the adaptation and connection with people, striving their business with breath-taking experiences in stock for anyone and everyone. “It is an honor to give the people a platform whether it’s through networking, dancing or even just conversations about important topics like mental health”.

When asked about something that brings pleasure, the spokesperson enthusiastically expressed how Japanese anime and plantain chips were a noteworthy addiction!

Daper X has two platforms on Instagram @daper_experience & @daper_corner for customers looking for, perhaps the night of their life through a lively event that goes beyond the ordinary or gripping conversation on current topics!

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