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DJ Kimani A Career of Musical Passion- Dennis Kimani

Memories made on the dance floor are always ones for the books. Sitting under the disco lights while merry crowds of carefree people in the room tap their feet in sync with the beats you put your heart and soul into creating, is perhaps the “over the moon” moment for any DJ.

Dennis Kimani Born to Kenyan roots and raised in Australia since he was 10, Dennis lives the ultimate self-pursued career of pure passion. With a full-time DJ career grown through 22 years of experience, Dennis aka DJ Kimani has quite the story behind his piqued interest since the year 2000.

Back in the years, Kimani has had a flair for aggressive inline skating which he would often engage in with his friends. While he usually travels from Newcastle to Sydney, he happened to stop by an indoor skatepark in Caringbah with background music facilitated by a DJ. What began with an intention to enjoy skating, led Kimani’s attention to be driven towards the DJ entertaining the crowd. “What stood out to me was his scratching using vinyl records”, he mentioned. Following the encounter, Kimani shared his interest with his parents who were quite supportive of his idea to pursue the art of DJ. His father took the initiative in contacting their neighbours, three of who happened to be DJs, which led Kimani’s DJ career to take off. “Before I even knew it, I was at my neighbour’s learning the basics”.   

Kimani who used to be a naturally introverted child and young adult shared how DJing helped him to outgrow his comfort zone and interact with people more. “DJing allowed me to express myself and come out of my shell. Little did I know the positive impact it would have in the following years of my life”.  

Being a MINORITY allowed DJ Kimani to become well known and stand out among his peers. We welcome DJ Kamani to the Minority Priority Community and look forward to seeing his continued success.


Fact you might not know:

  •    DJ Kamani at the age of 34 had not 1 but 2 liver transplant following the discovery of several tumours which makes him enjoy life to the fullest!

Guilty pleasure you might not know:

  • DJ Kamani Loved cars as a child, working and driving them, he plans to one day start collecting them and we can’t wait to see his taste.


Have you got a party around the corner that could use with a few pumps of life and musical sparks of excitement?

Fear not, for DJ Kimani can be reached at any of the below platforms:

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