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Safe Journey Foods-Andrea Ijeoma Njoku-Tade

Andrea Ijeoma Njoku-Tade; the inspirational woman behind the popular online African-based food business, Safe Journey Foods, uncovers her spectacular voyage in marketing her iconic brand throughout New Zealand and Australia. Born to the Igbo tribe of South-Eastern Nigeria, Andrea comes from a long line of resourceful and industrious women that sharpened her into chasing her dreams and goals, specifically her business-oriented milestones. The brand, Safe Journey Foods mainly specializes in native African foods and spices online, winning the hearts of many enthusiastic individuals in favour of the products.

The concept of this brilliant business idea was born in mid-2019, according to Andrea, during a time she described was undoubtedly thought-provoking. “It felt like I was going through the most challenging time in my adult life”, Andrea said and added that this self-isolated period that completely disrupted her social life, influenced her to reflect, review and re-evaluate certain aspects of her own self. “All I can say is that once the business idea came, it got hold in my head and would not let up!”, she said, “It grew stronger daily, and I really couldn’t think of much else”. Andrea mentioned how it seemed like everything was in favour of her starting up her own business and how she was pointed towards the direction of developing her ideas frequently, as if validating her plans. With these encounters strengthening her initial business ideas, Andrea finally made arrangements with her suppliers and registered the business in December 2019.

Andrea’s vision strives to be unique and different from other businesses related to her trade. Her focus is mainly on authentic and healthy African local food products that were relatively rare in the African-Australian market. One of the stand out points during Andrea’s interactions with her expanding customer base is the immense pleasure that she feels when her clients express their appreciation and delight in her efforts bringing these food products into the Australian market. Her food business ships to New Zealand customers as well.

Currently, Safe Journey Foods is involved in the sale of Tigernuts, which are grown and eaten throughout sub-Saharan Africa; African Breadfruit (Dried Ukwa), Roasted Ukwa Snack (Roasted African Breadfruit Seeds with Coconut aka ‘’Aki na Ukwa’’), Dried Dates, and a range of African Spices including Aromatic Pepper Soup Spice Blend, Grains of Selim, Suya Yaji BBQ Spice and Cameroun Pepper.

Safe Journey Foods has its own website platform at along with a social media presence on both Instagram ( and Facebook (, where a range of customers can access, pick and purchase their preferred products conveniently.

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