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Cockpit Country Foods-Doug Lindsay

Born and raised in Jamaica, a land well known for its cultural diversity and the richness of its food. The Jamaican people are a unique and intriguing group of individuals that are well laidback, friendly, and altruistic. A day in Jamaica is a little relaxed and moves rather slow. They have the mentality that life is for the living, and it is meant to be enjoyed which is true. This food is celebrated in this land, and this is where Doug’s muse was born, the love for creativity in food. The streets of Jamaica mainly having spent a lot of my childhood created a passion in Doug that established his foundation in the beauty behind creativity in what humans consume. As Doug got older, he decided to venture into his passion of making jerk seasoning and being a family person, my goal was to keep my family and friends entertained. With time Doug realized that people were interested in his seasoning and could do a carry take away version. So that’s when the idea of Cockpit Country foods was created, and it clicked that possibly his passion could become a commercial platform for everyone to enjoy.

Cockpit country foods started over 18 months ago which has become a full-time job among other business interest. The enthusiasm behind it all is making jerk spices and jerk marinades, which also to a tee involve unique jerk lime spices that is used in plates of seafood. For as long as Doug can remember he has always been creative, the kind of person that sees beyond the naked eye. “If I have an idea I can't sleep on it, I will work as hard as I can to see my thought played in the real world”. For example, Doug is the kind of person that will get an idea of a recipe in his head, the inspiration for a dish will just click in, and then he will just start mixing up ingredients. He can do this like over ten times and lucky enough nine times of this trial the dish will come out perfect. Since I want to spread my recipes far and wide, I will keep updating them on the website in due course. Doug and Cockpit Country Foods has just scratched the surface of what it can achieve. He truly is different and a great fit in the Minority Priority Community. Support the Cockpit country Foods and the Minority Priority Movement!

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