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DJ Fasmwa

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Dj Fasmwa is well known for his professionalism in the world of music. He is famous in the Caribbean for working with Bondi Beach Radio as a presenter and the outgoing energy to spread the love and vibes of Sydney music.

His roots are from the cultural people of the Dutch community in the country of Suriname located in South America. Regardless of his humble beginning, the young Fasmwa had a dream, a passion rather; the young boy found a muse at a very tender age, something that gave his whole being a new meaning. He had found love in music and though he did not know it yet, his love for music would open doors for him in the future.

It is funny how the world works, for some of us it takes half a lifetime to actually know what we are good at. That is not the case for Fasmwa, as young as 14 years, he had already made the foundation of his career. At this age he was exceptionally good at playing musical instruments such as the steelpan, piano & the guitar. His passion then naturally flowered into DJing.

Personality and goals of Dj Fasmwa

He presents a goal-oriented persona, hardworking and full of heart. He sacrifices his time to perfect what he loves. As he becomes successful, he does not forget to uplift others.

DJ Fasmwa has a will to spread the good vibes and brighten the world with his music. As they say, music is food for the soul.

His goals include contributing to Sydney music as much as he can, by promoting Caribbean music, party vibes and culture as far and as wide as possible. Giving a chance to Sydney people to grow and love their music, to accept their culture, and share it with the world.

His career journey

He portrays a character of a true Caribbean, someone regardless of age and background does not believe in limiting their ability. This young teen did not just stop here but at the age of 16, he had promoted his very first event in the Bondi Pavilion. In his early 20’s his career had already taken off. He had begun pursuing the DJ business as early as then, creating a platform for himself from scratch. From June of 2013 to February 2020, he opened up The Prescription Nightclub. Meanwhile, from December 2019 to February 2020 he created Big Bad Sunday.

When the 2020 pandemic hit hard there was a slow in all job ventures. Covid 19 made him pause his career for a while, hoping things would fall back into place. He continued Big Bad Sunday, with guests sitting in chairs and still bringing music to the people.

DJ Fasmwa took a genre of music that was not big in Australia and used it to make himself standout and become well known. With his multiple ventures, he truly used his “Minority status “to work for him. We were excited to have him join the Minority Priority Community. SUPPORT DJ Fasmwa by liking his social medias and moving your hips at one of his events.

DJ Fasmwa's Random fact about himself:

Some tasty food always leaves the mouth watery, but he loves a chocolate snack and he agrees it is an unhealthy borderline addiction. Creating a guilt pleasure for how much he loves these snacks.

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