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Goodies Jamaican Patties-Maurice Hlyton

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

How to get through lockdown during a global pandemic? A question asked by many in 2020, however only a few can say they pursued a family passion whilst starting a new business venture.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Maurice did just that; taking inspiration from spending time immersed in the food industry at his Uncle Rap's Jamaican restaurant in Toronto, he used the lockdown periods to perfect the recipe for what are now the most sought after Jamaican street food products in Sydney.

The birth of Goodies Patties, authentically spicy fillings wrapped in flaky yellow pastry, has Sydney buzzing about every flavour; Chicken, Beef, Vegetables and if you're lucky enough to get one- Curry Goat. With a vegan option also available so no one misses out.

The care taken to hand make each patty, the use of fresh produce and traditional seasonings such as Scotch Bonnet Peppers, pimento, thyme and Scallion Onions set Goodies Patties apart and explains the high demand for delivery Sydney wide.

Check out their Instagram @goodies.jamaican.patties for more information and how to order your patties, we guarantee you'll be a repeat customer.

Welcome Maurice and his Goodies Patties to the Minority Priority Community as we continue to show the Value in being Different one story at time!

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