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Sweetstylez Hair Braiding-Rhiana Hinkson

Rhiana was born and raised in the monarchical land of Britain and to be specific a Barbadian by descent. From a young age, She has always been passionate about hair. By the age of 11, Rhiana doing cornrows on herself, family, and friends. Since then, Rhiana has found her true muse, and ever since She has braided hair for over a decade now. The art behind hair braiding has become her passion and am ever updated to the current hairstyle’s braids.

Barbados🇧🇧, 'plaiting' is the little culture that Rhiana brought to Australia with her. It’s a cultural form of braiding inherited from one generation to another. Since ancient times it is known to be a hairstyle that protects and prevents daily hair manipulation as a cause of breakage,

especially in type 4 textures. A little of culture makes it feel like home and She wanted to share her roots and my forebears' practices with the lovely people of Australia.

Over the years she perfected her profession and worked with amazing people in this line of work. Her craft to make hair magnificent for all kinds of genders and ages has left her clients praising her abilities. Rhiana was a braider on ABC's show 'Rosaline's Untaming' and has worked with many amazing people including actors, singers, basketballers, and MMA fighters.

At Sweetstylez Hair Braiding, it is the place that your hair needs to be and assurance of quality. Using what she learned from her home country Rhiana chose to be different and stand out, now her value on what Sweetstylez provides is unmatched. We welcome Rhiana to the Minority Priority Community and will continue to support her stand out and be different.

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